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Affiliate protection

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Marketing support
Provide standard image design, including door, store image, promotional materials, provide standardized material support, product demonstration props, demo board, product manual, activity materials and other free support.

Training support
The new service providers will provide a full set of training on product knowledge, solutions, sales guidance, installation and commissioning to help franchisees improve their business skills and improve the service level of their affiliates.

Building support
The headquarters set up a special team to conduct full-course guidance from site selection, design, decoration, installation and opening, and dispatched commissioners to the store to assist with the support. Provide SI design standards and material support, standard showroom design and image store location options.

sales support
For the retail market, provide targeted marketing solutions, market channel planning guidance, market activity guidance and support. For large-scale projects and important customers, the company assists in negotiating cooperation, providing technology, and providing one-to-one support for programs and technologies.

Policy Support
Implement a step-by-step incentive policy to reward outstanding service providers based on contracted quotas and performance.