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Tech For Natural Light

Company Profile

Dalen, the creator of natural light technology from Europe, has built a solid foundation for quality and continues to innovate. The start-up team upholds the belief that in the world's leading LED research and development country, Japan has invited many R&D talents to join Dalen. Focusing on the field of health lighting, we have developed natural light technology and smart home technology.

        Dalen products are sold to the Japanese market, and natural light technology has been loved by Japanese consumers, and ranks among the top 20 in the Japanese LED lighting industry. It has established a brand image of high-end health lighting. With the deployment of Dalen's global sales channels, Dalen products are quickly sold to more than 30 countries including Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

        We found that China's lighting market is mixed, LED lighting products are of different standards, and Chinese people go to Japan to grab home appliances has become a hot spot. Everyone knows that Japanese home appliances are of good quality, but I don't know that Dalen products have surpassed the quality of many Japanese big names. performance! In the belief of “taking home with natural light”, Dalen began to enter the Chinese market.




Hot sales in many countries around the world

Japan's LED lighting industry TOP popularity ranking

263 Patents

Corporate positioning

Natural light technology leader

Our Mission

Corporate purposes

Bring natural light to the home,
Make unremitting efforts to improve people's quality of life

Corporate vision

Focus on high quality and healthy home lighting,
Strive to achieve a win-win situation between the team and the company!

Innovation - Thinking Innovation Technology Innovation Product Innovation Marketing Innovation
Quality - the pursuit of excellence, excellence, strictness, honesty and trustworthiness
Professional - technical professional service professional management professional image professional
Efficient - positive and optimistic action, fast-moving must have fruit

Core values of the company

Create a leading brand of healthy home lighting!

Core Values Annotation

Innovative quality, professional and efficient

Company Culture

2011.03.15  company established


2013.01  Japanese company established


2014.05Internet of Things Smart Light Appliances Control Technology


2015.05  A million rounds of financing, led by Tongfang Hou


2016.02  Listing new three board


2016.10  Products are hot in Europe



2017.08Received B round of financing, led by Zheshang Ventures

Development Path

Natural light technology leader